9 Requirements You Need To Start a YouTube Channel in South Sudan

As much as many people are eager to start YouTube video Channels in South Sudan, they hardly consider the pieces of equipment required to get started. When starting a YouTube channel business in South Sudan, you will need to acquire some basic video production equipment that would enable you to create good quality videos that are visually appealing to your target audiences.

However, you don’t have to be perfect in the whole video production process. You simply need to have the right equipment and right skillsets to produce content.

Consider the list of equipment you would most likely need on a daily basis below, regardless of the type of channel you want to start or the content you want to share.

1. Smartphone

You will need to have a high-end smartphone with a high-resolution camera (both back and front cameras). A smartphone would enable you to shoot outdoor videos from places where you don’t necessarily have to go with your camera.

A good smartphone will cost you about $300

2. Digital Camera

This is your most important tool. Your videos need to be shot in HD. However, this doesn’t require the most expensive camera but rather any camera that can record good and high-quality videos of at least 1080pixel. A decent-looking video can perform very well on YouTube if its content is qualitative.

You can get a good HD Camera for as low as $200

3. Tripod Stand

A tripod stand refers to a stand that holds your camera wherever you’re and ensures that your video footage is steady. Tripods go for as low as $50. If you will shoot your videos via your smartphone, you will also need to acquire a smartphone holder for the tripod stand.

4. Microphone

Should your video have the best quality with poor audio quality, it will be difficult to keep your viewers watching such a video. Built-in microphones in digital cameras and phones always have poor audio quality output as they can’t effectively record and eliminate ambient sounds. To avoid the issue of bad audio quality from ever happening, buy a simple lapel mic.

An external microphone will ensure that you’re heard clearly without any trouble. A lapel microphone can be clipped on your cloth while you record your videos. Lapel mics go for as low as $20

5. Lighting

If you have intentions of shooting most of your YouTube videos indoors, then you will need to buy lights. Lights are very important as they help to stabilize the brightness and mood of the video. Lighting makes your video appear brighter and clearer. One lighting equipment costs approximately $150

6. Laptop

It’s vital to invest in a good laptop. You will use the laptop to edit and publish your videos on YouTube. You can get a used laptop in South Sudan at $150 but it’s advisable that you invest in a brand new one if at all you can afford.  A new laptop that is good for video editing will cost you about $300.

7. Storage Device

As you keep on shooting video footage, you will eventually fill up your computer hard disk. Having an external hard disk or flash drive can help you deal with storage issues. You can buy a 64GB flash disk at about $45 and a 500GB external HDD at about $60.

8. Video Editing Software

After acquiring all your basic equipment, the next step is to invest in good video editing software that would be used for post-production. There exists hundreds of video editing software out there, some are free, freemium while others are premium.

If you can’t afford premium software, go for a cracked version of it, which you can download for free online. You can also get it cheaply from local software sales hubs in Juba. However, I don’t encourage software piracy, if you really can afford, support the developers by buying their software directly.

For starters, I recommend software like Wondershare and Filmora. Other software, video editors use include; Screenflow, Adobe Premiere, Camtasia, Final Cut for mac, Sony Vegas, etc.

9. Power Bank

If you will be using your smartphone to shoot videos, you will need a power backup.  Video recording can drain your phone battery faster, and there is nothing worse than a smartphone blacking out when you have just recorded your video halfway.

Having a reliable power bank at hand would be a wise move. Power banks go for as low as $10.


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Written by Mila Joshua Yona

Pro South Sudanese Blogger, Digital Marketer, Web Designer, And Youth Advocate. I help entrepreneurs scale up their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group Here or Telegram Group Here

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