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The mission of https://www.milasona.com is to educate the viewers and share everything known about the hardships the youths go through and find outstanding solutions to solve them through writing quality articles related to Technology,Entrepreneurship,Leadership,Personal Finances,Career Development and Social-Economic Development.


Our vision is to serve and be the dynamic thinkers to researchers,social media users,solution seekers and people with general interests on the categories of topics covered on our website.


Mila Joshua Yona created the blog as evidence to his passion for blogging and entrepreneurship and coding.

ceo of milasona blog

Our Services

Web Designing

We design,update and develop websites/blogs at affordable costs. We also optimize the websites for SEO to your desired target audience.

Money Lending

We give out loans to people in Juba/Kampala at affordable interest rates.

Content Creation

We write articles and content for new bloggers and existing bloggers at affordable costs.

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