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At, we can help your business skyrocket.

Let us promote your offline/online business, start-up, event, website/blog to our targeted Blog 

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You can use sponsored posts, banner ads, or text ads to advertise on our blog.

You can submit your banner or text ads through the email address below.

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Sponsored Post

We can publish a sponsored post about your start-up, website, blog, business or add your 

website link to an existing blog post and you become the sponsor of the post.

As a BONUS, we will:

>>>>>>>>>>> Share the post on our social media 

platforms(Facebook,WhatsApp,Twitter,Instagram etc)

>>>>>>>>> Send it as a broadcast message to the inbox of thousands of our Facebook

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Banner Ads

We are currently using an ads manager to serve ads on

So, advertisers can have access to the LIVE performance report on adverts placed on the 

blog  including the number of views, clicks, CTR among others.

The banners and text ads are more likely to be seen by users of desktops/pc and mobile 

devices including those with Opera Mini Browser.

If you need the current banner ads rates, kindly send an email to the email address below:

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We can also make use of Google DFP to serve your ads on Milasona

Text Ads and Link Ads

You can also place your link ads and text ads on sidebar, content area, etc.

How to make Payment

You can contact us via email to request our bank account details.

You can also pay via PayPal, western union, or mobile money.

If you want to pay online with your debit card, we can generate and email invoice for you.

For more inquiries, please email:

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Alternatively, you can use Google AdWords to advertise your product and service on my

blog by targeting my blog.

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