How to Build Wealth Even if You Earn a Small Salary

When it comes to the job, no one is serious as you. You’re punctual in your workplace. You meet datelines and have high expectations of promotion. Only then can you start living your dream and every problem will disappear in a flash.

You envy rich people who live like money is not a problem. The posh cars they drive. The fancy places they go to. The only problem is that your salary can hardly give you that lifestyle.

When you look at your salary, it crawls like a tortoise to your bank account and disappears like a cheater.

You start to ponder whether your life will ever change given that you earn such a small salary.

This is true for the majority of the employees if not all. They are fixated on their workplace and think that the only way they can become wealthy is by getting a lofty paycheck every month.

They don’t track their expenses, save or think of investing because all they can think about is how small they earn.

If you fall under any of these categories, here are some changes you should start making in your life.

1. Change the way you think

The way we think can be our greatest limitations. When you start thinking about your small salary, reversing all the negative thoughts and mindset will be so difficult.

You will forever be stuck in a loop of thinking the only way you can build wealth is by earning a lofty paycheck or when God sends some miracle.

You will look at those who have made names of themselves as lucky, not knowing how hard they worked to achieve that level of success.

Get inspiration from people who made it and find mentors to assist you to change your mindset. A fixed mindset is more deadly than being in prison.

You need to be open to opportunities to save and learn about growing wealth.

Change your spending habits and how you perceive things in general.

2. Get out of Debt

People often get into debt because they look at it as the fast lane to getting money. The problem comes when it’s time to pay back. Your salary can hardly support you to be debt-free.

You get stuck in a loophole struggling to clear your principal while the interests are just accumulating like a non-stop rainfall.

The moment you get out of debt, you will start enjoying the liberty of financial freedom and every penny you get from your salary will be going into savings and future plans.

3. Live like a rich person in disguise

One way you can live like a rich person is by having a simple life. Don’t exaggerate your lifestyle. Live below your means.

Properly plan your finances and invest in yourself. You can do this by educating yourself about wealth and finances.

People will keep wondering how you actually do it.

4. Plan for your retirement

When you start working, you should start planning for your retirement. Planning for your retirement will save you during your old age. When all your children have grown up and they can hardly take care of your needs and wants.

All the investment plans you thought of establishing can come true when you receive this retirement benefit at a later stage of your life.

When no one is there to support you. Your retirement benefit will be there for you.

Another way you can plan is by putting up small investments. With proper management, it will grow into a lifetime goal.

5. Track your income and expenses.

Often time, people are hasty to get their salary and without a second thought, all-cash gets spent within a day or a week. If you ask them where the salary went. They will mumble.

The fact is they don’t track their expenses. They spent without thinking about how much is actually going out of their pockets. They only come to the realization when all the cash has been spent to the last penny.

When you start tracking how much you’re spending in relation to what you’re actually earning, you will realize that you can easily manage your cash flow.

6. Think outside the box

One thought you can change if you’re a salary earner is the thought of only relying on your salary. When you realize that your salary can hardly cater to all your needs and wants.

It’s time to think outside the box to increase your earnings.

Get a side hustle to supplement your earnings. You can pick a side hustle from your skills or passion.

Everyone is blessed with a certain skill set that can be monetized. You can offer to freelance or get into the business world.


When it comes to building wealth, you need to be very open-minded. Open to opportunities and ideologies that some people may look at as gross.

The ultimate goal is to build wealth and live that fancy life that you’re dreaming of.

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Written by Mila Joshua Yona

Pro South Sudanese Blogger, Digital Marketer, Web Designer, And Youth Advocate. I help entrepreneurs scale up their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group Here or Telegram Group Here

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