Nelson Kwaje: I Do Not Give Jobs Neither Do I Have The Power To Do That

Have you ever been frustrated looking for a job corner to corner? Don’t answer yet.

You see for many South Sudanese youths, going through education is one thing and actually getting employed is another.

The social, economic, and political system doesn’t favor at all. You apply with numerous organizations, companies, and government agencies until you can hardly bear the burden anymore.

Where do you go?

You start thinking, if I send a direct message to Achai Wiir on Social Media, perhaps I will get lucky, Or if I inbox this celebrity or politician, luck may reign.

If that’s how you’re thinking, maybe you have never received any civic education from Nelson Kwaje.

I came across his post on Facebook and it really sent a lot of signals that I will like to share with you.

His post read:

Folks, I do not give out jobs neither do I have the powers to do that. I get about 3 to 4 requests for jobs weekly.

HR and our grant team do offer opportunities, the best I can do is to inform them to start a program if there is a budget.

I work for 11 hours a day during which I do not pick calls unless work-related, every now and then I will pick an unplanned call.

A lot of people don’t have jobs because many high people opt to offer the jobs based on favoritism hence ignoring qualified applicants who are not “connected”

The solution to this issue is not for me to go around and start doing the work of our HR and other departments. You can’t fix a broken system by adopting its much messed up tactics.

If the screenshot that I shared makes you uncomfortable please note that I see at least 3 of those every week, some even worse than this.

Unemployment, desperation, and poverty are political issues. Can’t be solved by NGOs.

Please note that every corruption dime being stolen and every oil money being used for enriching elites is directly impacting the young people in this country.

Do not look for NGOs to solve these issues. Hold your political leaders accountable, get into politics, protest on the streets if need be.

A lot of you are very uncomfortable with a screenshot showing a desperate young person but very comfortable with daily corruption.

I am not here to make you happy and show you stories that end happily ever after, I show your life and life is hard.

Someone ate that young man’s cake that is the real issue here. Let us go and get this cake back then NGO jobs will not be needed.

Here is the screenshot Nelson Kwaje was referring to in his post

Screenshot of a young man asking for a job


Nelson Kwaje is the director of programs for South Sudan at Defyhatenow_EA. Thanks for the brave gesture. We look up to many patriots like you.

If this article made you think outside the neoliberal bubble that has been forming around you since birth, Share in the comments.

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Written by Mila Joshua Yona

Pro South Sudanese Blogger, Digital Marketer, Web Designer, And Youth Advocate. I help entrepreneurs scale up their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group Here or Telegram Group Here


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